The International 18th Puijo Symposium,

"Physical Activity in Conjunction with Pharmacological Therapy for Chronic Vascular Diseases"


Scientific Program


June 29, 2005



Ageing and vascular diseases, Dr Antero Kesäniemi, Finland

Physical inactivity and CHD, Dr Steven Blair, USA

Pathophysiology of atherosclerotic vascular diseases, Dr Petri Kovanen, Finland

Physical exercise, cytokines and metabolism, Dr Bente Klarlund Pedersen, Denmark

Does physical exercise modify drug effects and kinetics? Dr Heikki Vapaatalo, Finland

Low physical activity as a predictor for all-cause and cardiovascular disease mortality in middle-aged men and women in Finland, Dr Noel Barengo, Latvia

Going by car to work increases the risk of a future myocardial infarction, Dr Patrik Wennberg, Sweden

Occupational, commuting, leisure-time physical activity in relation to coronary heart disease, Dr Hu Gang, Finland

Physical activity and prevalence of the metabolic syndrome in middle-aged men and women in rural and urban Tanzania, Dr Julia Aneth Mbalilaki, Sweden

Higher Il-6 v-a difference across arm than leg during whole body exercise, Dr Jørn Helge, Denmark

The effect of coenzyme q on the results of early exercise program after acute myocardial infarction, Dr Alar Veraksitch, Estonia

Changes in cardiovascular function with pa and multi vitamins, Dr Hanlie Moss, South Africa


June 30, 2005



Taichiquan, an exercise for chronic vascular diseases, Dr Sun Xusheng, The People's Republic of China



Physical activity, fitness, heritability and chronic diseases, Dr Urho Kujala, Finland

Physical exercise and gene expression, Dr Henriette Pilegaard, Denmark

Molecular genetics of type 2 diabetes, Dr Leif Groop, Sweden

Molecular mechanisms underlying  glucose transport in exercising muscle, Dr Eric Richter, Denmark

Interactions between genes and lifestyle: lessons from the Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study, Dr Markku Laakso, Finland

Physiological mechanisms underlying the antiatherosclerotic effects of physical exercise, Dr Arno Schmidt-Trucksäss, Germany

Molecular mechanisms of muscular activity with regard to blood pressure, Dr Heikki Ruskoaho, Finland

A randomized trial of lifestyle intervention in primary health care for the modification of cardiovascular risk factors. The Björknäs study. Dr Margareta Eriksson, Sweden

Physical activity prescription by physicians, Dr Minna Aittasalo, Finland

Physical activity on prescription increase physical activity in routine primary health care, Dr Lena Kallings, Sweden

Hydrotherapy is effective in improving exercise performance in optimally medicated patients with heart failure and type 2 diabetes mellitus, Dr Åsa Cider, Sweden

Increase in aerobic fitness is associated with improved cardiac autonomic regulation, Dr Arto J Hautala, Finland

Exercise and quality of life in claudicants, Dr John Saxton, United Kingdom


July 1, 2005



Prescription and follow-up of physical exercise for diabetic patients, Dr Art Leon, USA

Prescription and follow-up of physical exercise for dyslipidemic patients, Dr Timo A. Lakka, Finland

Prescription and follow-up of physical exercise for hypertensive patients Dr Robert Fagard, Belgium

Prescription and follow-up of physical exercise for coronary heart disease, Dr Jaak Maaroos

Prescription and follow-up of physical exercise for stroke prevention and treatment, Dr I-Min Lee, USA

Prescription and follow-up of physical exercise for heart failure, Dr Stefan Gielen, Germany

Prescription and follow-up of physical exercise for claudication, Dr Judy Regensteiner, USA

Maintenance of physical activity - from theory to practical prescription, Dr Mai-Lis Hellénius, Sweden

Exercise prescription as a tool for physical activity counselling - Finnish experiences, Dr Timo Ståhl, Finland


July 2, 2005



The role of exercise in an integrated approach to CVD risk management Dr William L. Haskell, USA

Exercise training and insulin resistance, Dr Jørn Helge, Denmark

Exercise training: a novel type of stem cell therapy in CVD, Dr Axel Linke, Germany

Modern approach to health education in exercise medicine, Dr Heikki Pekkarinen, Finland

Puijo Symposium Honorary Lecture: "Life-style and longevity - lessons from The North Karelia Project", Dr Pekka Puska, Finland