The International 16th Puijo Symposium: 

“Health Related Physical Activity and Fitness in Health Promotion and Medical Care

- Evidence-based Exercise Prescription ”


Scientific Program


June 26, 2001



Exploring the health enhancing role of physical activity: The challenge of advances in technology, Dr William Haskell, USA          

Consensus Report of the Dose-Responses Issues Concerning Physical Activity and Health: An Evidence-Based Symposium, Dr Antero Kesäniemi, Finland

Present status and future challenges of  evidence-based exercise medicine (EBEM), Dr Katriina Kukkonen-Harjula, Finland

Physical activity and gene interactions - an update, Dr Claude Bouchard, USA

Physical activity and diet - interactions - an update, Dr Adrianne Hardman, UK

Physical exercise in hypertension - an update, Dr Robert Fagard, Belgium

Physical exercise in dyslipoproteinemias - an update, Dr Aloys Berg, Germany


June 27, 2001


Physical exercise in the primary prevention of CHD, Dr Maj-Lis Hellenius, Sweden

Physical exercise in the secondary prevention of CHD, Dr Arthur S. Leon, USA

Physical exercise and endothelial dependent vasodilation in humans, Dr Rainer Hambrecht, Germany

Physical exercise, blood coagulation and fibrinolysis, Dr Sari Väisänen, Finland

Physical Activity in the Prevention and Treatment of Total and Abdominal Obesity, Dr Robert Ross, Canada

Role of muscle metabolism in insulin resistance, Dr Bengt Saltin, Denmark

Primary prevention of type 2 diabetes: Physical activity and/or diet and drugs, Dr Markolf Hanefeld, Germany


June 28, 2001


Physical exercise in osteoporosis, Dr Harri Suominen, Finland

Physical exercise in osteoarthritis, Dr Jari Arokoski, Finland

Physical exercise in rheumatoid arthritis - good or bad for joint inflammation? Dr Marjatta Leirisalo-Repo, Finland

Physical exercise in kidney diseases, Dr. Jacques R. Poortmans, Belgium

Physical activity in low back pain, Dr Ilkka Vuori, Finland                     


June 29, 2001


Physical inactivity, morbidity and mortality, Dr Steven N. Blair, USA

Physical activity, functional capacity and healthy aging, Dr Taina Rantanen, Finland

Physical exercise, psychological well-being and depression, Dr Anita Stewart, USA

Adherence and compliance to physical activity, Dr Abby C. King, USA

Physical exercise in bronchial asthma, Dr Lauri Laitinen, Finland

Physical exercise and immune function, Dr Hinnak Northoff, Germany

Recommendations for the prescription of physical activity in health promotion and medical care, Dr Barry A. Franklin, USA



A History of Physical Exercise for Health Promotion, Dr Ralph S. Paffenbarger Jr, USA