Martti J. Karvonen

Young scientists are encouraged to compete for the 9th Martti J. Karvonen Young Investigator Award. Investigators aged 40 years or less, and who hold an academic (or comparable) rank below associate professor are eligible.

Applicants need to send to The Puijo Symposium Secretariat:

* a curriculum vitae
* an abstract
* a short manuscript, (max. 1500 words including  tables, figures and references) in electronic format

An international review panel will select three finalists, who will give their presentation during the symposium. The same panel will also judge the presentations. Please note, these three presentations selected for the final will not be eligible to The Ralph S. Paffenbarger Jr. Poster Award. Special attention will be paid when the candidate's native language is not English.

Previous winners of The Martti J. Karvonen Young Investigator Award:
2014: Kumail Motiani, Finland
2011: Reija Kouki, Finland
2009: Katrien Wijndaele, UK
2005: Katja Nething, Germany and Per Magnus Haram, Norway
2003: Paul W. Franks, UK
2001: Tuija Tammelin, Finland
1998: Hugh Montgomery, UK
1996: Martin Halle, Germany
1993: Raija Laukkanen, Finland




Participants of The Puijo Symposium are invited to compete for The Ralph S. Paffenbarger Jr. Poster Award. Each poster presentation will be eligible. Please note, the three best posters will be presented also orally.

Advice for posters
Posters will be presented during the symposium as a non-stop presentation on three screens size 42" (aspect ratio 16:9). Please notice, that layouts in landscape orientation work best on screen! Posters should be sent to as a good quality JPG file. The organizers will enlarge on your abstract (A4 size), which will be placed on the tables next to the screens.

There won't be traditional poster exhibition on Symposium – paper posters will be not needed.


Previous winners of The Ralph S. Paffenbarger Jr. Poster Award:
2014: Harri Helajärvi, Finland
2011: Pirjo Komulainen, Finland and Arlène Speelman, The Netherlands
2009: Leonella Pasqualini, Italy and Emmanuel Stamatakis, UK
2007: Margareta Eriksson, Sweden
2005: Miia Kivipelto, Finland
2003: Michael C. Mahaney, USA




Heikki Pekkarinen Memorial Award is to honour Heikki's pioneering and extensive commitment in developing both the substance as well as modern teaching methods in health sciences.

You are eligible for the Heikki Pekkarinen Memorial Award if:
* you are a registered PhD student in health sciences (including exercise medicine, exercise sciences, nutrition sciences, medicine)
* you have successfully completed your PhD dissertation in health sciences in 2012 or later
* your submitted abstract has been accepted to be presented as a poster (Ralph S. Paffenbarger Jr Award) or a manuscript (Martti J. Karvonen Award) at The International 22nd Puijo Symposium.

You also need to include in your application: CV, document showing your current status in PhD studies. The applications for the Award has to be submitted in electronically to

Previous winners of The Heikki Pekkarinen Memorial Award:
2014: Marcel Chehuen, Brazil
2011: Saija Karinkanta, Finland