International XIII Puijo Symposium



Dedicated to Dr Martti J. Karvonen for his 75th anniversary


June 20, 1993


Body composition and heal­th: gender differences,  Dr Claude Bouchard, Quebec, Canada

Hormones and Heart Diseas: Why do women live longer than men? Dr Elizabeth Barrett-Connor, San Diego, USA


June 21, 1993



Life-style and osteoporosis - rationale for prevention, Dr Barbara Drinkwa­ter, Seattle, USA

Estrogens and osteoporosis - Kuopio Osteoporosis Prevention Study, Dr Seppo Saarikos­ki, Kuopio, Finland

Osteoclasts and osteoblasts - an update, Dr Kalervo Väänänen, Oulu, Finland

Interactions of calcium and vitamin D in the prevention of osteoporosis, Dr Antti Aro, Helsinki, Finland

Role of fluoride in osteoporosis - Kuopio Osteoporosis Prevention Study, Dr Esko Alhava, Kuopio, Finland

Mechanisms of exercise induced increase in bone mass and strength, Dr Everett Smith, Madison, USA

Current concepts of exercise prescription for prevention of osteoporosis, Dr Harri Suominen, Jyväskylä, Finland


June 22, 1993



Coronary heart disease in women, Dr Nanette Wenger, Atlanta, USA

CHD risk factors in young women - cardiovascular risk in young Finns, Dr Jorma Viikari, Turku, Finland

Current concepts of the development of atherosclerosis, Dr Seppo Ylä-Herttuala, Tampere, Finland

Dr Sergei Orlow,

Risk factors and IHD in women with non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, Dr Markolf Hanefeld, Dresden, Germany

Thrombogenesis and atherosclerosis - what are the roles of diet and exer­cise? Dr Sean Moore, Quebec, Canada

Antioxidants and atherosclerosis - facts or fiction? Dr Chandan K. Sen, Kuopio, Finland


June 23, 1993


Physical activity, fitness and CHD in women, Dr Steven N. Blair, Dallas, USA

Exercise induced changes in serum lipids in women, Dr William L. Haskell, Stanford, USA

Exercise and diet: relation to atherosclerosis and osteoporosis, Dr Tuomo Rankinen, Kuopio, Finland

Diet and serum lipoproteins - are there genetic differen­ces in response ? Dr Essi Mäkinen, Kuopio, Finland

Hypertension and serum lipids as risk factors for IHD in women, Dr Antero Kesäniemi, Oulu, Finland

Dose response relationship for changing coronary risk factors with exercise, Dr Arthur S. Leon, Minneapolis, USA

Physical activity in the prevention of diabetes, Dr Ralph S. Paffenbarger Jr., Stanford, USA                                            

Natural menopause does not accelerate mortality from ischaemic heart disease, Dr Martti J. Karvonen, Helsinki, Finland