Congress Venue


The 23rd International Puijo Symposium will be held at the Finnkino Scala in the heart of the city centre, near the official congress hotels Scandic Atlas, Scandic Kuopio and Puijonsarvi.

Finnkino Scala is situated in the entertainment centre with movie theatres, restaurants, shops, bowling and gym. 

The main auditorium of Finnkino Scala.

Lectures will be held in the main auditorium of Finnkino.

The picture of the auditorium of Finnkino Scala with the text reflected on its screen: "International 23rd Puijo Symposium - "Physical Exercise for Health Promotion and Medical Care - Translation of Research Evidence to Everyday Practice".

The main auditorium.

In the picture is one of the comfortable lounges of Finnkino Scala.

One of the comfortable lounges.