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City of Kuopio

The city of Kuopio, founded in 1775, is the 8th largest city of Finland, with more than 100,000 inhabitants. 600,000 people live in the Kuopio catchment area in all. Kuopio is one of the national centres of expertise and a major university city. Beautiful nature and a pleasant living environment with outstanding quality of service make Kuopio – a city with quality of life - an attractive place to live and visit.



Finnish Society of Clinical Physiology


Finnish Physiological Society







Finnish Association of Physiotherapist




The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim is a scientific association established in 1881 to develop the professional skills and clinical practice of doctors through continuing education, publications and grants. The Society also coordinates the development of national clinical guidelines. The Society’s membership comprises more than 25,000 doctors and medical students and over 100 member associations.




University of Jyväskylä

Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences








Centres of Excellence in Sports and Exercise Medicine




Faculty of Health Sciences, the University of Eastern Finland









Expertise and Business Network for North Savo Rehabilitation Services



Fysioline Ltd






The vision of HUR is a world where life long strength training is rather a rule than an exception. Studies show that strength training plays an important role in both physical and mental wellness. With 25 years of experience HUR is today a world-leading supplier of exercise solutions for active ageing, rehabilitation and wellness.





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Innovative therapy concepts for health, wellbeing and rehabilitation Papimi & IHHT





Bittium provides medical technology products and services for biosignal measuring in the areas of cardiology and neurology. Our cardiac monitoring devices and applications include Holtering, cardiac telemetry, and cardiac rehabilitation.



This technique makes it possible to drop the temperature from 32°C to 4°C in 30 seconds thanks to a cold power of -78°C and spray pressure (CO2) to the tissue. The thermal shock is immediate, it stimulates the skin receptors that send a powerful and very fast message to the hypotalamus to activate the Neurovegetative reflex system.




With us, you can quickly get the highest quality products related to sports injuries and occupational health care with a personal service.